Scientific Publications

The Academy's scientific publications represent America's longest-running serial publishing program devoted to natural history. Since 1817, much of the research by this institution's scientists, as well as the work of researchers around the world, has been published in its five serial publications. More information on these serial publications is presented below.


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Serial Publications

Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences

The Journal began as an intermittent periodical in 1817 and continued publication through 1842, by which time it had been superseded by the Proceedings. Later, this was called the "first series" of the Journal. In 1847, the Second Series of the Journal was begun in a larger format to accommodate longer articles and monographs, often with many more and larger illustrations than could be published in the Proceedings. Most volumes were issued in parts. The Second Series was published intermittently through 1918. Some volumes, or portions of them, are still available for sale.


The Monographs series (ISSN 0096-7750) is composed principally of larger systematic reviews of special taxonomic groups. The series began in 1935, and although the most recent volume was published in 1982, the series has not ended.

Notulae Naturae

The occasional series Notulae Naturae (ISSN 0029-4608) began in 1939 as a means to quickly publish short items, usually not longer than 16 pages. Nearly 500 titles have thus far been published in numerous subject areas of zoology, botany, ecology, geology and paleontology.

Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia

The Proceedings (ISSN 0097-3157) has been published continuously since 1841. Many volumes are still available in their original printings. Early volumes are unbound, constituting two or three issues per year. Quantities of some volumes may be limited. Early volumes may have slightly soiled cover sheets, but the text blocks are perfect. All sales are as-is.

Special Publications

The Special Publications series began in 1922 and continues to this day. This series includes works of taxonomy (ISSN 0097-3254), pansystemic research resulting from expeditions, historical reviews, surveys of Academy collections, and biography. Most volumes are still in print.