Fellowships and Endowments

Orange Crowned Motmot drawing

Eckelberry Endowment

If you're a wildlife artist —whether a painter, printmaker, sculptor or work in other media— consider applying for the Eckelberry Fellowship.

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Böhlke Endowment

The Böhlke Fund provides support for graduate students and recent postdoctoral researchers to work with the Ichthyology collection and library at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia.

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Trichotria truncata: Female, dorsal view, body

Gallagher Fellowship

A fellowship for the Study of the Rarer Microscopic, Multicellular Invertebrate Animals, with Priority for the Study of Rotifera.

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researcher studying in the field

Jessup and McHenry Awards

These funds are awarded competitively to students wishing to conduct studies at the postgraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral levels under the supervision or sponsorship of a member of the curatorial staff of the Academy.

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