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 Academy Constitution

Dateline from the Academy's handwritten Constitutional Act of 1812 in which the founders express the purpose of their new institution, "namely, Science exclusively, useful Science, Physics, the science of Facts, dispassionately demonstrable knowledge and no other" [ANSP Archives Collection 527]


The Academy Archives, a collection of one-of-a-kind documents, tells the story of the Academy from its founding in March 1812 through its nearly two centuries of existence: a story written originally by quill pen and now in bytes and bits.

The Archives contain a vast array of unique manuscripts, art, artifacts, film, photos, field notes, illustrations, and memorabilia. They reflect the Academy’s long tenure as one of the finest natural history museums in the world, and certainly the oldest in the Americas. The collection is comprised not only of administrative records and official Academy documents, but also an abundance of scientific and personal unpublished materials contributed by research scientists and others associated with the Academy.

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