Böhlke Endowment

About the Endowment

The Böhlke Memorial Endowment Fund honors the memory of James E. Böhlke and Eugenia B. Böhlke who were prominent ichthyologists at the Academy of Natural Sciences. James E. Böhlke was curator of the Department of Ichthyology from 1954-1982. Jim was a leader among museum and field ichthyologists. His areas of expertise included the fishes of the Bahamas and Caribbean, and South America. Jim authored over 120 papers dealing with the systematics and identification of fishes. Genie Böhlke was affiliated with research in Department of Ichthyology from 1957-2001. She was widely recognized as one of the world's experts on moray eels. Genie published over 35 papers, mostly in ichthyology and dealing with eel systematics. She also authored important works on the history of ichthyology at the Academy. Jim and Genie promoted ichthyology through their enthusiasm for the study of fishes, devotion to the preservation, documentation, and growth of the Academy's collections, and encouragement of colleagues and students.

The Böhlke Fund provides support for graduate students and recent postdoctoral researchers to work with the Ichthyology collection and library at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia. The fund awards money for travel to Philadelphia and for modest living accommodations available at the Academy. Individual award amounts are generally less than $500 and will be awarded on the basis of both merit and need.

Application Information

For student applicants a letter of recommendation from the applicant's current academic advisor is required.

  • The letter should include statements concerning the competence of the applicant; the significance of the applicant's research; and the need for the funds being requested by the applicant.
  • The applicant should request that the letter be sent directly to Dr. Lundberg.

To apply, send a letter of application outlining proposed research and tentative budget to:

Dr. John Lundberg
Academy of Natural Sciences
1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA

Applications may be submitted at any time; pre-application inquiries are welcomed.