Online Databases

A total of 14 databases are currently available online, including 6 collection databases, 6 research databases and 2 special databases. These databases reside on servers outside of this website.

Collection Databases
Database Specimens Collection Objects Number in Database
Botany ~1,400,000 42,736
Diatom Herbarium ~220,000 ~75,000
Entomology 3,500,000 3,500,000 ~11,000
Ichthyology 1,138,720 124,581 124,581
Malacology ~10,000,000 495,000 495,000
Ornithology 191,581 163,797 163,797
Rotifera ~8,600 1969 1969
Research Databases
Database Description
ANSP Algal Image Database An image database containg light micrographs of diatoms and other algae in the Academy's Phycology Collection
Malacolog 4.1 Names applied to mollusc from the Western Atlantic
Malacology Georeferencing Project Geographic referencing of the Academy's Malacology Collection
The Mussel Project Global revision of freshwater mussels
OBIS IndoPacific Mollusc Database Species names and distributions of IndoPacific molluscs
Orthoptera Species File Taxonomic database of the world's orthopteriod insects
Special Databases
Collection Description
Titian Peale Butterfly and Moth Collection Database of Titial Peale's historically significant entomological collection
VIREO ( Visual Resource for Ornithology) An image database of bird photographs