Laboratory for Molecular Systematics and Ecology

The Laboratory for Molecular Systematics and Ecology (LMSE) is a shared, multi-user facility designed to enhance biodiversity research and training by supporting the use of all types of molecular data by scientists and students at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University.

Modern molecular research tends to focus upon nucleic acid sequences (e.g., DNA), and these kinds of data have useful properties that, when combined with the expertise for biological research of the Academy scientific staff, provide powerful tools to address problems from such diverse endeavors as evolutionary biology, ecology, conservation biology and resource management.

The LMSE is currently directed by one of the curatorial/research staff of the Center for Systematic Biology & Evolution (Dr. Tatyana Livshultz).

The Academy is positioned to lead in the fields of systematic biology and ecology, and the LMSE will be crucial as we move forward. Basic taxonomic and ecological research is more important than ever. In many cases, we simply lack the data to make informed decisions about biodiversity issues like conservation and resource management. The research applications of molecular data are integral to all aspects of our research, and the LMSE provides opportunities and support for Academy scientists, our collaborators and students.