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Bug samples

An online collection of type specimens is available at clade.ansp.org/entomology/.

The Titan Peale Butterfly and Moth collection is viewable online at clade.ansp.org/entomology/collections/peale/index.html.

The Orthoptera Species File provides direct access to data on grasshoppers.

Complete Species Index (Spindex) of ANSP Entomology Collection. The Academy's collection contains roughly 100,000 species, with about 2 million curated specimens in addition to an estimated 2 million uncurated specimens. 


LepNet: Digitization of ANSP Nearctic Lepidoptera

OrthopNet: Digitization of ANSP Orthoptera: Acrididae of the Southwestern United States

Current Projects

Collecting samples in logan square

Tipulidae Biosystematics (various ongoing projects)
Survey and Inventory of the Aquatic Insects of Mongolia
Hierarchical Functioning of River Macrosystems in Temperate Steppes - From Continental to Hydrogeomorphic Patch Scales (Western USA & Mongolia)
Response of Macroinvertebrate Communities to Hydrologic Alteration in Temperate Steppe Rivers
Fire as a Driver for Structuring Insect Communities in the New Jersey Pine Barrens
Swann Fountain Project
Insect Fauna of Eastern State Penitentiary

American Entomological Society

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