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Titan Peale Butterfly and Moth Collection

Peale Butterfly

The Peale Moth and Butterfly Collection of over 3000 specimens is one of the oldest and most scientifically valuable collections of North American insects in any natural history museum. The collection represents an unequaled historical and scientific resource for documenting the butterfly fauna of the world. The fauna of pre-industrial Philadelphia is particularly well represented. much of which was lost from the city environs as it grew in the last century and a half. In addition to its scientific importance, the Peale Collection is significant in the areas of U.S. history, art history and history of the natural sciences.

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Orthoptera Species File

Taxonomic information needs to be shared around the world, so that we can all learn about the species we live with. With the largest collection in the world of grasshoppers and crickets, the Academy's Entomology Department pioneered the placement of a catalog of all known species of a major group of insects on the Internet. The Orthoptera Species File provides direct access to data on one of the most economically important species - grasshoppers, perennially one of man's worst competitors for crops. The OSF contains complete taxonomic and synonomic information for all species and genera of Orthoptera, including text, images and sound recordings.

Complete Species Index (Spindex) of ANSP Entomology Collection

The Academy's collection contains roughly 100,000 species, with about 2 million curated specimens in addition to an estimated 2 million uncurated specimens. Click here to access the Complete Species Index.

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