Diatom Herbarium Staff

Marina Potapova

Dr. Marina Potapova


Marina Potapova studies taxonomy, ecology, and biogeography of freshwater diatoms. She is interested in diatom biogeography, diversity of the freshwater diatoms of the continental United States, developing ways of quantifying morphological characters of diatom frustule based on geometric morphometrics, and studying systematics of monoraphid freshwater diatoms.

Alison Minerovic

Alison Minerovic
Collections Manager


Alison's daily responsibilities include care and maintenance of the Diatom Herbarium, including database management, digitization and inventory of type specimens, and digitization of the Diatom New Taxon File. Alison is interested in systematics, biogeography, and ecology of freshwater diatoms. She previously worked as a Phycologist in the Patrick Center for Environmental Research before joining the Diatom Herbarium in 2016.