Macroinvertebrates Staff

The Macroinvertebrate Staff collaborates with the Phycology Section on multiple projects. Members of this Section are considered honorary members of our Section.

 A photo of Tanya Dapkey in a river looking for specimens.

Tanya Dapkey (she/her), Section Lead, Macroinvertebrate Taxonomist

Tanya Dapkey, M.S., earned her Master’s degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania with her Capstone “Combining DNA Barcoding and Macroinvertebrate Sampling to Assess Water Quality.” She has worked for the Academy of Natural Sciences since 2019 where she brings her expertise using genetic tools in biological assessments. She is Family Level and EPT East certified as of 2022.

 A photo of Noëlle Raezer in front of bushes.

Noëlle Raezer, Project Manager

Noëlle Raezer, M.S., is a Project Manager for the Macroinvertebrate Section also serving as the Field Safety consultant. Her background is in land conservation and native species restoration with experience in habitat quality research. She obtained her Master's degree in Environmental Studies from University of Pennsylvania in 2022 with a focus in environmental biology and the capstone, “Snag Availability and Preference of Cavity-nesting Species in Philadelphia Urban Parks.”

 A photo of Duncan Brown.

Duncan Brown, Staff Scientist II: Macroinvertebrate Taxonomist & Chironomidae Specialist

Duncan Brown, M.S., is a macroinvertebrate taxonomist specializing in larval Chironomidae (SFS Chironomidae genus Certified March 2023). He received his Master’s degree in Entomology from the University of Delaware in 2019 where he studied the effects of silicon accumulation in corn on health of the fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda). Before joining the Academy of Natural Sciences in 2022, Duncan worked for several seasons with the PA Dept. of Agriculture in their efforts to track the population of the invasive spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula).

 A photo of Samantha Mosloskie holding a fish.

Samantha Mosloskie, Temporary Employee specializing in tissue barcoding and macroinvertebrate identifications

Samantha is a recent graduate of Drexel University (BEES Program) with a B.S. in Environmental Science. Her last co-op was in the Watershed Ecology lab where she continued to help with laboratory and fieldwork. She was hired as a student employee while finishing up her degree, then became a full temp after graduating. She is currently working on the Headwaters project where she processes samples for macroinvertebrate tissue DNA barcoding as well as completing genus level identifications of EPT taxa.

 A photo of Emma Guelzow holding a turtle.

Emma Guelzow, M.S., Project Manager Snail Inventory Project

Emma graduated in March of 2023 with a Masters in Environmental Science from the BEES program at Drexel University. She has been working on the Snail Inventory of the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River study, a collaboration with the National Parks Service. Learn more about this project in the ANSP blog post, Highlighting Biodiversity: Searching for Snails in the Delaware River.

 A photo of Jeffrey Smith in front of a river.

Jeffrey Smith, Co-op & Student Employee

Jeff is a 4th year BEES student at Drexel University pursuing a B.S in Environmental Science and worked with the macro lab in 2022-23 as a co-op and student employee. He assists with watershed data analytics and field/lab work as needed, ensuring every step of the macroinvertebrate process has been completed.

 An image of Gloria Avila holding field equipment.

Gloria Avila, Temporary Employee in the Macroinvertebrate and Phycology Sections

Gloria is a recent graduate of Drexel University (BEES Program) with a B.S. in Environmental Science. Her last co-op was with the bio-geo-spatial lab working with Dr. Beth Watson. She currently works on processing algae and macroinvertebrate samples.

Previous Students

 A photo of Maddie Worth holding a piece of dirt in the woods.

Maddie Worth (Spring-Summer co-op, Student employee 2021, 2022).

Read more about Maddie and her work with Dr. Gelhaus and craneflies on the ANSP blog post from August of 2022.

 A photo of Jules Lieberman sitting on rocks.

Jules Lieberman (Snail Inventory Seasonal Technician)

 A photo of Sarah Busby in front of a lake.

Sarah Busby (Spring-Summer co-op 2021)

 A photo of Naomi Wilson kneeling on a cliff.

Naomi Wilson (Spring-Summer co-op 2020)