Project Management/Coordination

Roland Wall


Senior Director for Environmental Initiatives

Project roles: Oversee all elements of ANS’ involvement with the DRWI, including strategic and project planning.


Carol Collier


Senior Advisor for Watershed Management and Policy

Project roles: Serve as the project government liaison to inform government agencies and officials about the value of the initiative and how it ties into their programs.


Stefanie Kroll


Project Science Director

Project roles: Design a monitoring plan that provides information on project conditions and contributes to research around the initiative; provide outreach to cluster group organizations to interconnect their monitoring with ANS’.




Kathryn Christopher


Staff Scientist

Project roles: Provide overall organizational support, lead outreach to cluster organizations, conduct fieldwork, and support project communications.

a. chan

Amanda Chan


Research Assistant

Project roles: Assist in the field, mostly with algae, water chemistry, and discharge monitoring; organize fieldwork trips; lead social media for the Academy’s project work; and organize project-related Academy events.

Haley Oakland


Project Specialist

Project roles: Provide overall administrative support with a focus on re-granting WPF funds, provide research support, conduct field work.



Marie Kurz 

Marie Kurz


Biogeochemistry Section Leader and Research Scientist; Assistant Research Professor, Department of Biodiversity, Earth, and Environmental Science

Project roles: Oversee DRWI water chemistry data collection, analysis and interpretation. Develop synergistic research projects relating to solute transport, nutrient cycling, and ecosystem metabolism in streams. 

David Velinsky 


Vice President for Academy Science and Department Head, Biodiversity, Earth and Environmental Science

Project roles: Oversee ANS chemistry monitoring, from collecting data through its analysis; Interface with outside watershed groups; and work to ensure quality of chemistry data.

Melissa Bross



Project roles: Manages field coordination of staff and equipment for quarterly chemistry field work. In the lab, performs nutrient, chlorophyll, and other analyses on water and algal samples. In the field, collects discharge measurements, temperature logger data, and basic water chemistry.



Frank Acker



Project roles: In the field, take algal collections and help to ensure that the right procedures and protocols are in place for algal monitoring; in the lab, identify and enumerate algae and analyze data.

Alison Minerovic



Project roles: Lead collection and identification of diatoms, assist with soft algae monitoring and identification.



Richard Horwitz 

Professor, Department of Biodiversity, Earth & Environmental Science; Senior Scientist, Fisheries Section Leader, Ruth Patrick Chair of Environmental Sciences

Project roles: Assisted William Penn Foundation in developing indicators and identifying project clusters; serve on Open Space Institute technical advisory group; oversee ANS fisheries work; develop data analysis approaches; and serve on ANS research agenda steering committee.


David Keller


Project Coordinator, Fisheries

Project roles: Coordinate fisheries assessment for water quality purposes; sample salamanders, fish, and crayfish at sites and analyze/interpret data as it relates to water quality; and provide guidance as necessary on fisheries monitoring methods.



Lin Perez


Geospatial Scientist

Project roles: Build novel tools for scientists and project partners to analyze, map and visualize data.


Environmental Research