Historic Fish Surveys in the South Fork Holston River

Historic Holston River Fish Surveys of Zone 5
Common Name 1965 1974 1977 1980 1990 1997 2010
Number of Species 3 13 8 23 19 28 29
Gizzard Shad X X
Central Stoneroller X X X X X X
Whitetail Shiner X X X
Spotfin Shiner X X
Common Carp X X X X
Streamline Chub X
Striped Shiner X X X X X
Warpaint Shiner X X X X X
River Chub X X X X X
Bigeye Chub X
Tennessee Shiner X
Silver Shiner X
Rosyface Shiner X X X
Telescope Shiner X X X X X
Sawfin Shiner X X X X
Mimic Shiner X
Blacknose Dace X X
Creek Chub X
River Carpsucker X
Quillback X
White Sucker X X X
Northern Hog Sucker X X X X X
Black Redhorse X X
Golden Redhorse X X
Redhorse species X X*
Yellow Bullhead X X X X
Channel Catfish X
Mountain Madtom X
Flathead Catfish X
Western Mosquitofish X X
Banded Sculpin X X X X
Rock Bass X X X X X
Redbreast Sunfish X X X X
Green Sunfish X X
Warmouth X X
Bluegill X X X X
Longear Sunfish X X X
Redear Sunfish X
Smallmouth Bass X X X X X
Largemouth Bass X X
Greenside Darter X X X X
Redline Darter X X X
Tennessee Snubnose Darter X X X X X
Banded Darter X X X

The table above lists the fish species recorded throughout Zone 5 (near Riverfront Park) during the seven comprehensive Academy water quality studies near Kingsport, TN. Recent samples have used consistent methodologies; there were some differences in sampling techniques and locations (especially within Zone 5) in some of the earlier surveys.

* Not counted in 2010 species total.