WINS II: Expanding the Horizon

WINS II lady working as an intern in the USDA laboratory

WINS II opens up new doors for WINS I participants who have shown their continued interest in the program by keeping good attendance, maintaining their grades and generally having a good attitude. Though the program still continues to focus on science, college and career exploration and positive youth development activities take an expanding role to provide the girls with a well-rounded experience. WINS II meets twice a month for either workshops or field trips.

Science Enrichment

The WINS II students continue to participate in activities that explore how scientific knowledge is crucial in making informed decisions in our daily lives. Field trips, workshops and behind-the-scene tours by Academy scientists are all programmed to expose the participants to science in action. Internships with Academy scientists and with collaborating organizations are also presented to participants and are an excellent way to explore career opportunities while at the same time getting real life experience.

College and Career Exploration

Exploring a variety of colleges in and outside our area is another way to expand the horizon of WINS II participants. Nearby colleges are visited on day trips, while the highlight of the year is the four-day college tour to colleges and universities outside the city; past tours have gone to New York and New Jersey, Washington, DC, and Maryland, and New England. Financial aid information and college application preparation are also part of college exploration experience.

Positive Youth Development

WINS II prepares girls for their life after high school by developing the academic, personal and social skills needed to succeed in their college years and beyond. The WINS “Love Yourself” workshop series include topics such as manners and etiquette, nutrition, and how to present oneself in a college or job interview. The “Life after WINS” Alumnae Panel lets the girls learn how others who have gone through the program have succeeded. Collaborative events with other local museum youth groups and community service possibilities provide the participants opportunities to associate with neighboring communities.