George Washington Carver Science Fair

prize winner at the George Washington Carver Fair

Every February and March, 800 to 1,000 Philadelphia school children participate in the George Washington Carver Science Fair, which is sponsored jointly by Temple University, the Academy of Natural Sciences, The School District of Philadelphia, and The Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

The largest of its kind in the country, the fair provides opportunities for students to gain enriched learning experiences through scientific inquiry and discovery. It is open to all students in grades four through twelve who attend Philadelphia County public, charter, parochial and private schools, as well as to home schooled students residing in the county.

From the very beginning, The Academy of Natural Sciences has been an active partner of the George Washington Carver Science Fair. The fair has been held at the Academy since 1979, but due to growth in participation, grades seven through twelve are now held at Temple University. The Academy continues to house the elementary portion of the competition and its awards ceremony.

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