Touch Tables

Enjoy a casual format where your guests come and go as they please. They will have the chance to ask questions of our expert naturalist as they meet a variety of live animals up close or personally investigate artifacts. All exhibits feature a variety of touchable specimens. Ideal for festivals and fairs.

  • All ages can be accommodated
  • Two-hour program length
  • Unlimited number of participants
  • Fee $450 ($150 for each additional hour)
    plus travel fee


Animal Encounters
Participants will get to meet animal ambassadors from our Live Animal Center. Touch beautiful and cool artifacts such as bones, fur, and feathers.
Dinosaur Diversions
Always wanted to hold a real dinosaur fossil? Participants will receive a personal introduction to paleontology as they handle a variety of fossils and engage in fun tabletop activities.
Amazing Arthropods
From beautiful to bizarre, insects, spiders, and other spineless wonders elicit a reaction from every age. Meet some of the most amazing invertebrates on Earth, including live specimens!

Travel Information

  • Depending on driving distance from the museum, programs may begin as early as 10 am and end as late as 9 pm (not including setup and breakdown).
  • Distance determines travel fee. Travel is limited to 50 miles one way.
  • Travel fees begin at $10 for locations 11+ miles away from the Academy
  • There is a holdover fee of $75 for presentations scheduled more than one hour apart (maximum of two hours between programs)
  • For multiple topics on the same day there is a $75 fee
  • We ask that multiple presentations be held in the same room. If this is not possible there will be a $75 fee applied.