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Signature Exhibits Photo Gallery

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Newly renovated Gorilla diorama
The artistic and scientific detail in the Gorilla diorama is revealed in all its glory following a major renovation.
Credit: John Hutelmyer/ANS
renovated takin diorama
The newly renovated Takin diorama is one of two of the oldest Academy dioramas to see new life after a major cleaning and detailed analysis.
Credit: John Hutelmyer/ANS
A photo to the Dall Sheep diorama
Dall Sheep – The Academy’s historic dioramas were created between the 1930s and 1950s, including this one of Dall’s Sheep.
Credit: Ramon Torres/ANS
lion diorama. Photo by Mike Servedio/ANS
African Hall features real wildlife set in recreated habitats like this lion diorama.
Credit: Mike Servedio/ANS
A photo of the Kiang diorama
The Kiang, also known as the Tibetan wild ass, are native to the Tibetan Plateau, India, and northern Nepal.
Credit: Ramon Torres/ANS
A photo to the caribou diorama
The Caribou diorama is so realistic you feel like you’re in the scene.
Credit: Ramon Torres/ANS

Outside In

An adult holding a child to show them insects in a tank.
See live insects living in Outside In.
Credit: Ramon Torres/ANS
A parent with their child reading a book together.
Credit: Ramon Torres/ANS
A box turtle in outside-in
Credit: Ramon Torres/ANS
A mammoth tooth and a pronghorn horn sitting on a shelf
Credit: Ramon Torres/ANS
A person holding a vinegaroon in their hand.
The animals in Outside In serve as animal ambassadors.
Credit: Ramon Torres/ANS

Dinosaur Hall

entrance to the famous Dinosaur Hall
Entrance to the famous Dinosaur Hall, with T. rex as the centerpiece.
Credit: Mike Servedio/ANS
T. rex dominates in Dinosaur Hall
Tyrannosaurus rex and dozens of other dinosaur and marine fossils in Dinosaur Hall are one reason why people call the Academy “the dinosaur museum.”
Credit: Mike Servedio/ANS
kids and climbable dino skulls. @Jeff Fusco/Visit Philly
Touchable and climbable dinosaur skulls in Dinosaur Hall.
Photo by Jeff Fusco/Visit Philly
Two adults watch their children digging for fossils in 'The Big Dig'.
In The Big Dig in Dinosaur Hall visitors use tools and dig for dino fossils.
Credit: Ramon Torres/ANS
An image of a Xiphactinus audax, a fish that lived 90-60 million years ago.
Xiphactinus audax, a fish that lived 90-60 million years ago.
Credit: Ramon Torres/ANS
Two dinosaur skeletons in Dinosaur Hall, Chasmosaurus belli, and Corythosaurus casuarius
Chasmosaurus belli (left) and Corythosaurus casuarius (right) in Dinosaur Hall.
Credit: Ramon Torres/ANS
A close up image of Chasmosaurus belli with the Corythosaurus casuarius in the background.
Going nose-to-nose with a famous Academy dinosaur.
Credit: Ramon Torres/ANS