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Changing Exhibits Photo Gallery

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Dinosaurs Around the World 

  • Dinosaurs Around the World takes you on a dinosaur adventure and tour of an Earth very different from today. On view June 30, 2019–January 20, 2020.
    Credit: Imagine Exhibitions
  • Iguanodon in Dinosaurs Around the World
    Iguanodon lived 157 million – 93 million years ago.
    Credit: Imagine Exhibitions
  • boy w sauropod leg in DAW
    How do you measure up to the leg of a giant sauropod?
    Credit: Imagine Exhibitions
  • velociraptor with feathers
    The toothy predator velociraptor sported feathers in real life.
    Credit: Imagine Exhibitions
  • Neovanator in Dinosaurs Around the World
    Caption: Neovenator, which means “new hunter,” grew to 25 feet long and weighed 2,200-4,400 pounds.
    Credit: Imagine Exhibitions
  • man with skull
    Fossils are a big draw for Dinosaur Around the World.
    Credit: Mike Servedio/ANS
  • 2 dinosaurs outside
    Amargasaurus (left) and Spinosaurus outside the Academy.
    Credit: Mike Servedio/ANS
  • dinosaur foot and skull fossils
    The foot and skull of a Velociraptor.
    Credit: Mike Servedio/ANS
  • Iguanodon w kids
    Kids get a close look at Iguanodon.
    Credit: Mike Servedio/ANS
  • Protoceratops dinosaur
    Credit: Mike Servedio/ANS
  • visitors in Dinosaurs Around the World
    Dinosaurs Around the World is for dinosaur-lovers of all ages.
    Credit: Mike Servedio/ANS

Survival of the Slowest

  • Survival of the Slowest sloth
    Survival of the Slowest, on view Feb. 15–Sept. 20, 2020, features live sloths and other animals that survive and thrive despite being slow.

Permian Monsters: Life Before the Dinosaurs

  • 2 Permian creatures
    Before dinosaurs came on the scene, extraordinary and bizarre creatures roamed the planet. See some of them in Permian Monsters: Life Before the Dinosaurs, Nov. 21, 2010–May 2, 2021 at the Academy.
    Credit: Gondwana Studios

Drawn to Dinosaurs

  • dinosaur skeleton by Lauren Duguid/ANS
    Drawn to Dinosaurs, opening Nov. 1, 2015, delves into the science and art of visualizing a living animal based on fragmentary fossils.
    Credit: Lauren Duguid/ANS
  • Poole sketches Haddy. Photo by Lauren Duguid
    Drawn to Dinosaurs opens with a paleo artist recreating plant-eater Hadrosaurus foulkii on a giant blackboard.
    Credit: Lauren Duguid/ANS
  • Artist Jason Poole sketches Haddy. Photo by Lauren Duguid/ANS
    Paleoartist Jason Poole sketches a detail on Haddy in Drawn To Dinosaurs.
    Credit: Lauren Duguid/ANS