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Conversations With Birds

February 18–May 21, 2023

children running into sunset with silhouettes of birds

Free with admisson

Birds are all around us. As they glide through the sky and alight on tree branches, telephone lines and roof eaves, they provide a momentary sense of delight — an accessible way of connecting with the natural world, even in urban Philadelphia.

Opening in time for the 2023 spring migration, Conversations With Birds celebrates the many ways that we are inspired by these magnificent, feathered creatures, here in the city and around the world.

Discover the fascinating lives of local bird populations and the astounding migrators that fly through the region. Glimpse nest-cam footage of a peregrine falcon, and enjoy stunning avian photography and video by local birders and wildlife photographers. Explore unique bird architecture and flight through hands-on activities. Investigate real-time migration data gathered from BirdCast, Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s forecast radar, and other innovative bird-tracking technology. Learn about the challenges birds face in urban environments and how you can help protect them by creating bird-friendly habitats or advocating for bird-safe changes in your neighborhood.

Plus, check the schedule for these additional opportunities:

  • Observe specimen preparation by Academy bird scientists and learn more about the institution's Ornithology Collection and its ongoing biodiversity and evolution research.
  • Join experts from local birding groups as well as Drexel’s Writer’s Room for activities and conversations.
  • Sign up for special birding excursions! Check back soon for more details.

Avian Adaptations: Wing and Egg Demonstrations  
February 18 to May 21, 2023 
Wednesdays, 10 a.m.–1 p.m. 
Sundays, 1–4 p.m. 
Free with admission  

There are 10,000 species of birds, and each has adapted to its environment throughout time to ensure its survival. Come learn how birds' wings enable them to soar, hunt, escape and dive by crafting wing models and testing different designs. Together we will examine replica nests and develop your own experimental egg shapes to see if you can crack the code to keep birds safe. Learn about the birds that call Philadelphia home and how we can help protect them while you explore specimens from our collection. This investigatory station is hands-on and fun for all ages. 

Conversations With Birds Saturday Events Series
February 18–May 21, 2023
Select Saturdays, 2–4 p.m.
Free with admission

Join the flock with our Conversations With Birds Saturday Events Series! Meet birdwatching and conservation groups from Philadelphia and beyond and learn why they are inspired by our avian neighbors. You’ll have the opportunity to meet members of local groups, write poetry, watch films and make art with people across diverse backgrounds and practices with an abiding connection to our fine-feathered friends. Find out how these groups created a place for themselves in nature not only out in the wilderness, but also in the suburban and urban environments that birds also call home. Learn how people who appreciate birds build a community centered around science, art, culture and engagement, and how you can join them on their excursions and bird-loving adventures. You might just find a flock of your own.

Additional details coming soon. 

Conversation With Birds is generously supported by the LTM Family Foundation and the Marshall-Reynolds Foundation.