Bug Fest

August 9–10

Bug Fest

Every August, the Academy invites bug lovers of all ages to join us for an exciting weekend in celebration of everyone’s favorite creepy crawlies…insects! Enjoy new activities and shows each year, plus revisit some old favorites—back by popular demand. Talk with real scientists, learn about insects from all over the world, and see specimens from the Academy’s behind-the-scenes collections. Eat bugs, get your face painted, and sit back and relax as you enjoy a buggy show. In our epic Roach Race 500, you can root for your favorite cockroach racer as it scuttles toward the finish line.

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Bug Fest 2014: Beauty and the Bug

On Saturday and Sunday, August 9–10, celebrate the beauty of insects at Beauty and the Bug, the Academy’s seventh annual buggy festival. Learn about how insects have inspired art and culture, and experience opening weekend of the Academy’s Art of Science Gallery exhibit Pinned: Insect Art, Insect Science. Talk with an Academy entomologist about why insects are so important to the environment. Examine scores of live insects, cheer your favorite cockroach racer to victory in our famous Roach Race 500, and watch insects make their own art. Plus you can take in a bug cook-off, see specimens, get your face painted, and check out creepy crawly shows and demonstrations.

Bug Fest 2014 Activities: (activities subject to change)

Throughout the Museum

Infesting Culture
Explore our halls and discover how insects and their relatives have inspired art, science fiction, and culture. You’ll see various mediums of art, including jewelry, paintings, and movies from local artists and scientists.

Bug Walks
Hourly, 11 a.m.–3 p.m.
Join Academy entomologists on an expedition through Logan Circle and Sister Cities Park. You’ll be amazed by what you find! Space is limited. Sign up in advance in North American Hall on the first level.

Bug Parade
Noon and 3 p.m.
March along and become part of the fun in our new parade! Show off your bug-inspired crafts or just your love our favorite creepy crawlies! Parade begins in Auditorium and travels through the first level only.

Ground Level

The Commons
The Bug Ball
Have your face painted or get an insect tattoo. Anything goes at the Bug Ball!

Bug Tasting Sessions
Taste our famous chocolate chirp cookies or one of this year’s new creations!

Crafty Critters
Make your own buggy fashion statement! Decorate your own set of wings and antennae or create a creepy crawly all your own!

First Level

Dinosaur Hall
Live Bugs!
Become inspired and get a close look at some of nature’s most intricate masterpieces! Visit live displays of over 60 species of insects and other invertebrates.

North American Hall
Meet the Entomologist
Talk with entomologists from the Academy and the American Entomological Society, and find out about current research projects. Get a closer look at some specimens from our collections. Stop by the “Ask an Entomologist” booth to get the answers to whatever insect questions are bugging you.

Dino Classroom
Roach Race 500
Every half hour, 11 a.m.–3:30 p.m.
Roach Race 500 is bigger and better this year! We added two new tracks to make the races even more exciting and challenging then ever! Come cheer your favorite roach as it tests its speed on different tracks and races over obstacles.

Bug Appétit 
1 p.m.
Enjoy the culinary arts with a buggy twist. Chefs will demonstrate how to make tasty treats using the buggiest ingredients around.

In the Eye of the Beholder
11 a.m.
They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Check out this unique live animal show where the beauty and intricate designs of insects will be magnified! Get an up-close look at some living examples of nature’s beauty.

Faith Kuehn
3 p.m.
Entomologist and insect art collector Faith Kuehn will highlight some treasures in her unique collection of insect inspired art, jewelry, and more.

Second Level

African Hall and Panda Diorama
Live Bugs
Become inspired and get a close look at some of nature’s most intricate masterpieces! Visit our live displays of over 60 species of insects and other invertebrates.

African Hall
Adventures of Blue Morpho
Is that a fly, a grasshopper, or a rhino beetle? It is Blue Morpho, our amazing, ever-changing, bug-powered superhero! Help Blue Morpho defeat his arch enemies. You can be the comic writer and create and add your own frame into the ongoing epic adventure of Blue Morpho.

Serengeti Classroom
Bug Power!
Explore the world of bugs in comics with comic enthusiasts. Discover the superpowers of flight, strength, and much more in some of your favorite insects and heroes.

Caricature Artist
11 a.m–5 p.m
Become a bug-a-fied superhero in your very own piece of caricature art.

Third Level

Bird Classroom
Bug Picasso
10:15–11 a.m., 12:15–1 p.m., 2:30–3:15 p.m.
Who knew how creative cockroaches and maggots could be! Watch some creepy crawlies become the artists. These little creatures will crawl and scurry across paper to create unique works of art. Insect artwork will be displayed continuously.

Bug Art Workshop
Come and draw bugs with Academy artist Jason C. Poole. In this workshop visitors can try their hands at drawing from live insects and nonliving models. There will be buggy coloring pages for the budding artists as well. Mr. Poole will be doing large-scale drawings and explaining how to draw insects. Visit the space often or stay for a beginning-to-end experience.

Outside In
Story Time
10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.
Visit Outside In for an interactive story time featuring a bug tale, Marty the Moose, and a live animal.

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