The Academy of Natural Sciences is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and governed by a Board of Trustees. It is affiliated with Drexel University.

We are pleased to provide resources on the Academy's governance, as well as our most recent Annual Reports.

5-year Sustainable Strategic Plan

ANS Strategic Plan

Download full Sustainable Strategic Plan PDF here.

Annual Reports

Academy Annual Report 2012-13

2012-13 Annual Report


Board of Trustees

Current Board

Cynthia Heckscher (Chair)
George W. Gephart, Jr. (President and CEO)
Peter A. Austen
John F Bales, III
Helen Y. Bowman
Carl S. Cutler
Abbie Dean 
Robert E. Drury
Harvey I. Forman, Esq.
John A. Fry
Ellen Harvey
James D. Herbert
Jun Huangpu, Ph.D., MBA
Catherine T. Hunt
David P. Lazar, Sr. (Treasurer/Vice Chair)
Sandra L. McLean
Allen J. Model
Anthony K. Moore
John Nyheim
Patrick M. Oates, Ph.D.
Ann L. Reed
Michael H. Reed, Esq. (Vice Chair)
Van R. Reiner
Gerald B. Rorer
Ivy E. Silver
Judith E. Soltz, Esq. (Secretary)
John J. Soroko
Kenneth Warren

Emeritus Trustees

R. James Macaleer
Edward A Montgomery, Jr.
I. Wistar Morris III
Seymour S. Preston III
Minturn T. Wright, III

Honorary Trustee

Elizabeth G. Dolan

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