Professional Development

Improve your understanding of science content while exploring fun and exciting ways to engage students in science learning with the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University. The Academy is an Act 48 certified provider.

Our Professional Development workshops include:

  • Hands-on science experiments
  • Inquiry-based learning
  • Science content knowledge
  • Coordination of activities to current Pennsylvania State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and Philadelphia Core Curriculum

We also offer customizable workshops and will work closely with teachers to meet curriculum needs.

Cost per teacher:

  • $45 for a three-hour workshop
  • $100 for a six-hour workshop


The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University
1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Who Subject Length
PreK–K teachers Inquiry Science for the Young Child 3 hours
K–2nd grade teachers Plants 3 hours
K–2nd grade teachers Weather 3 hours
K–2nd grade teachers Habitats 3 hours
3rd–5th grade teachers Paleontology 3 hours
3rd–5th grade teachers Ecosystems 3 hours
6th–8th grade teachers Biodiversity 6 hours
7th–12th grade teachers Evolution: What the Fossils Tell Us 6 hours 

Register for upcoming workshops:

Inquiry Science for the Young Child: PreK–K

Young children are natural scientists. They are eager to learn, asking questions and experimenting with the world around them. During this workshop especially for early childhood educators, we will give you the tools that will help you encourage your students to be the best scientists they can be!

Plants: K-2

Who needs plants?...We do! Excite your students with fun and engaging multi-disciplinary lessons and hands-on activities all about plants. From tiny seeds to giant trees, students will learn about these amazing organisms and the roles they play in the natural world.

Weather: K-2

Weather is ever-changing and exciting to teach about. Learn to engage your students with fun, creative lessons and activities that will carry you through every season, all school year long.

Habitats: K-2

From deserts to oceans, mountains to rivers and all of the spaces in between, knowledge of habitats is important when teaching about planet Earth. Come learn new and hands-on ways to get your students excited about the world we (and everything else) live in.

Paleontology: 3-5

Dinosaurs continue to inspire people of all ages, but what exactly is a dinosaur? When and where did they live and how do we know? Examine fossils, artifacts and museum specimens as you explore the many remarkable adaptations that helped dinosaurs survive for millions of years in this fun and engaging workshop.

Ecosystems: 3-5

Everything is connected! The natural world is made up of many living and non-living things that work together to form many different ecosystems. Learn all about these connections and how to engage your students with multi-disciplinary lessons and hands-on activities that will excite and inform your students about the natural world.

Biodiversity: 6-8

Learn all about Biodiversity (the variety of life on Earth) and humans’ role in its conservation during this dynamic and exciting workshop. With lessons created to excite and engage, students will gain knowledge about the current status of biodiversity and how to become motivated and informed citizens of planet Earth.

Evolution: What the Fossils Tell Us: 7–12

Using our world-class fossil collection, this workshop will introduce you to how scientists search for, collect, and study fossils. Investigate transitional fossils, such as Tiktaalik, and their importance to understanding the evolution of major taxonomic groups. Learn how fossils and modern molecular studies allow scientists to make predictable and testable evolutionary hypotheses. The course will also give you practical lesson plans and resources to implement with your students in the classroom.

Please call Mariah Romaninsky, Senior STEM Manager, at 215-299-1152 or email her at for more information about setting up a workshop!