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ANS ExploreEnhance your next visit to the Academy by downloading our free app: ANS Explore!


ANS Explore! is available for iOS and Android (beta).
Click here to download for iOS.
Click here to download for Android (beta).

Our free interactive app engages visitors on a quest to uncover hidden secrets in the exhibits and to earn virtual badges while making discoveries. Use the Quest feature to earn badges as you search for escaped butterflies throughout the museum. With each badge you collect, you’ll learn something new about the Academy’s exhibits. Explore the museum with an interactive map, try your hand at coloring butterfly illustrations, and even discover interesting facts about butterflies through a fun, catch-the-butterfly game. Appropriate for all ages.


The butterflies have escaped into the museum! Use the Quest feature to earn badges as you search for the escaped butterflies throughout the Academy. Earn badges as you "collect" the butterflies – eight different badges in all. With each badge earned, users learn something new about the Academy’s exhibits.


Create: Create your own masterpiece by coloring in on one of 12 butterfly templates. Save and share your creations with your friends.
Catch: In this game, you much catch the butterflies before they get away using your touch pad. Watch out for dangerous bees as they float through.


Trying to find the best way to Outside In? The best route to the Ecology Café? Or the nearest restroom? It’s easy with this 3D map of the Academy.


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ANS Explore! was created by students in the Interactive Digital Media program at Drexel University's Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design.


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