Research Seminars

The Academy host a series of scientific seminars throughout the year sponsored by the Academy’s chapter of Sigma Xi. These technical seminars are intended for scientists and college-level students. Guests from other research and higher education institutions and organizations are encouraged to attend.

Those interested in presenting their research at the Academy should contact Makiri Sei at 

These seminars are typically held during the Fall, Winter, and Spring. All seminars are held at 12 noon in the Academy’s Darwin Room unless otherwise noted.

Summer/Fall 2016

July 15
Luz Adriana Velasco, Faculty of Basic Sciences, Universidad del Magdalena, Santa Marta, Colombia
Bioecology and Experimental Culture of the Endangered Gastropod, West Indian Top Shell, Cittarium pica (Linnaeus). Please note: Location change to Academy Library Reading Room. 
August 17 (Wednesday), 12 noon
Narcis Prat, University of Barcelona, Department of Ecology
Chironomidae in the High Altitude Streams of the Andes: Taxonomic and Biogeographic Remarks
September 16
Nathan Whelan, Department of Biological Sciences, Auburn University
"Gastropod and Ctenophore Phylogenetics: Difficult Questions Require Fresh Perspectives"
October 7
Matthew Halley, Department of Ornithology, ANS
"Multi-generational Kinship and Flexible Polygynandry in a Breeding Population of the Veery (Catharus fuscescens), a Transhemispheric Migratory Songbird."
October 21
Angelica Gonzalez, Biology Department/Center for Computational & Integrative Biology, Rutgers University
"The Chemistry of Life: Understanding the Structure and Function of Ecological Systems”
November 4
Matt Helmus, Center for Biodiversity, Temple University
“Testing Island Biogeography Theory in the Anthropocene”
November 18 (Takes place in the Library Reading Room)
Kerin Claeson, Department of Bio-Medical Sciences, Physician’s College of Osteopathic Medicine
“See More of Seymour – Stories and Outcomes from the Antarctic Peninsula Project, 2016”
December 2
Barbara Grandstaff, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
"Skeletons in the Cretaceous Closet: Early Paleontology in Eastern North America"