Academy Frontiers Poetry Contest 

Congratulations to the winner and runner-up of our summer 2014 Academy Frontiers poetry contest. View the winning entries below:

Mrs. Japan
By Leela R., age 9

M – My lovely bird, which lives in my tree house
R – Robin and red
S – Super careful to protect her eggs, Peeper, England, Justin, and Pedí. (Pe-dí)
J – Japan is the name I gave her
A – Alert for blue jays and other birds that would eat her eggs.
P – Pretty, and also a protector for her cute fluffy soon-to-be-chicks
A – Always there for herself and her eggs.
N – Nest she makes

Wolf in the Moonlight
By Ibrahiem L., age 9

Lonely wolf in the

(I won’t go near him—
he might bite.)

Can’t find food.

His pack is gone.

So-so lonely—

Standing on a rock.

Howling for his pack.

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