Discovery Lessons for Grades Pre-K-2

grade school students participate in the Bugs to Butterflies discovery lesson

35 minutes
30 students maximum
$75 per lesson

Please note that Discovery Lessons can only be booked Tuesdays through Fridays.

All lessons have been developed to meet Educational Standards, including Pennsylvania State Standards, New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards, and Philadelphia Core Curriculum Grade Levels.

(Programs using live animals are denoted by a live animals are part of this lesson.)

Animal Habitats live animals are part of this lesson
All species need a habitat—a place to live that provides food, water, shelter, and space. With help from some live animals and museum specimens, discover how animals use adaptations to survive in their habitats.
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Animal Senses live animals are part of this lesson
How do we understand the world around us? We see, hear, smell, touch, or taste. Using a few of your own senses, investigate how some live animals use theirs to survive in nature.
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Bugs to Butterflies live animals are part of this lesson
What’s the difference between an insect and a spider? What senses does a butterfly use to discover its world? Explore the amazing world of boneless creatures using role-playing activities, museum specimens, and by touching live invertebrates.
Download An Educator’s Guide to Butterflies.
Fur, Feathers, and Scales live animals are part of this lesson
Have you ever seen a duck wearing a raincoat? Animals don’t have to dress to protect themselves from the weather—they depend on their fur, feathers, or scales. Investigate unique animal adaptations and develop classification skills using live animals and museum specimens.
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Meet the Dinosaurs
Dinosaurs continue to inspire awe in people of all ages, but what exactly classifies an animal as a dinosaur? When and where did they live? How do we know? Take dinosaur measurements, touch real fossils, and participant in role-playing activities during this introductory dinosaur class.
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Soil—It’s Alive! live animals are part of this lesson
Grades K-2
Soil is not just dirt! Use magnifying glasses and your powers of observation to investigate the living and non-living “ingredients” of soil. Meet and interact with some common animal “recyclers” (such as worms, millipedes, beetles, and other invertebrates) that help make our soil.