Homeschool at the Academy

September 5, 2012

two boys looking at a komodo dragon skull

This fall, the Academy will bring its famous dinosaurs back to life for our latest homeschool series on ancient animals. October’s interactive science workshops will offer homeschooled students an in-depth look at prehistoric creatures and hands-on experience with fossils. Participants will even be able to meet some of the Academy’s live animals—the closest living relatives of the extinct species we’ll be discussing. By taking advantage of the museum’s resources this month, homeschooled kids can experience the wonder of prehistoric creatures firsthand!

On Wednesdays, October 3 and 10, the Academy will hold “Ancient Animals,” a series of two workshops during which your child can learn to walk like a T-rex, soar like a giant dragonfly, and swim like an Elasmosaurus. Children ages 4–7 will have the chance to examine fossils from the museum’s teaching collection, and they can view fossils from the Academy’s vast Vertebrate Paleontology Collection, which is usually kept behind the scenes. Thursdays, October 4 and 11, will focus on the basics of these amazing specimens in a series called “Fossil Fundamentals.” What secrets do fossils reveal about modern life? How can fossils help us to understand prehistoric creatures? What tools do paleontologists use? We invite children ages 8–13 to attend these two sessions in order to learn the answers to these questions and more.

Homeschooled students will not only have access to the Academy’s abundance of resources, but they will also be able to ask questions. Teacher/Naturalist Hollie Barattolo stresses the benefits of enrolling a homeschooled child in an Academy series.

“In general, the Academy is an exciting place for our homeschool families. These programs highlight all the things that kids and their parents already love about the Academy—our amazing collections, awesome live animals, and wonderful scientists and educators,” Barattolo says.

Both “Ancient Animals” and “Fossil Fundamentals” are composed of two separate afternoon workshops.  The program cost is $50 per series for members and $65 for nonmembers. Register by calling 215-299-1060, and give your child the opportunity to interact with our plethora of fossils and the people who dig them up!

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