Temple Grandin: All Kinds of Minds

May 18, 2012

Temple Grandin at the podium

All Kinds of Minds: The Cheryl Beth Silverman Memorial Lecture, featuring Temple Grandin

 Dr. Temple Grandin spoke at the Academy on May 15, 2012, as part of the Bicentennial celebration, Women in Natural Sciences month.  Grandin is a professor of animal sciences at Colorado State University and a recognized speaker on autism and animals. In her talk “All Kinds of Minds,” co-sponsored by the Goodwin College of Professional Studies, Grandin spoke about how people and animals think. Visual thinkers, mathematical thinkers, and word thinkers abound in the human population, while animals, lacking verbal language, think in sensory ways. Everyone processes information differently—the world needs all kinds of minds.

A video of her talk is presented below.

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