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The Academy of Natural Sciences 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway Philadelphia, PA 19103

Mineralogy Collection Tour

Sunday Apr 15 11:00 AM-11:20 AM

Take a guided tour of our Mineralogy Collection during the month of April. The fee is $5 for Academy members and $7.50 for nonmembers. (Open to visitors who are 8 years old and up). Tickets can only be purchased at the Academy on the day of the tour.

The tours, which run for 20 minutes, will be held Thursdays through Mondays at 11 am. They start begining Sunday, April 15, and will continue through Monday, April 30.

The Academy’s Mineralogy Collection consists of about 9000 mineral specimens from around the world and includes spectacular natural groups of crystals in all colors and shapes. The majority of the collection is from the 1882 bequest of W. S. Vaux, the preeminent collector in North America during the late 1800’s. The remainder is the Adam Seybert Collection, the oldest intact mineral collection in the New World, and the first objects acquired by the fledgling Academy of Natural Sciences 200 years ago.

Different collection tours will be held during each month of the Bicentennial:

  • May 2012: Library and Archives
  • June 2012: Ornithology Collection (birds)
  • July 2012: Herpetology and Mammology Collections (amphibians, reptiles and mammals)
  • August 2012: Entomology Collection (insects)
  • September 2012: Diatom Collection (diatoms are microscopic algae)
  • October 2012: Malacology Collection (bivalves, snails, and octopi)
  • November 2012: Live Animal Center
  • December 2012: Ichthyology Collection (fish)
  • January 2013: Botany Collection (plants)
  • February 2013: Vertebrate Paleontology Collection

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